John Okhiulu

Resident Assistant and Team Sports

Stanford University

What’s good?! I’m a youngin’ from Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas by way of Nigeria and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. I graduated [HS]2 in 2017! I’m currently stretching my roots out in Oakland, CA, working within community to (re)connect with the land and cultural traditions. I recently finished up two undergraduate bachelor’s degrees from Stanford University in African & African American Studies and Human Biology. Academically, I concentrated on health and development within marginalized communities as well as ancestry, intersectionality, and the arts. As a graduating senior this past year I was awarded the Tom Ford Fellowship in Philanthropy, where I’m currently leveraging my perspective and passions to support Black and Indigenous liberation through campaigns around reparations in America, climate change action, and food justice. I’m hoping that my journey will continue to build my capacity to support community revitalization and reimagination. I especially want to work with young people to imagine better worlds for themselves. I see a landscape in this country where Black and Brown communities have access to holistic health: clean air, abundant greenery, locally sourced organic foods, safe streets, soverign technology, thriving learning centers, and flourishing cultural traditions.
In my free time, I love to create, play basketball, go hiking with friends, play video games, and read new books. As an artist, I create music, poetry, performance, and visual arts inspired by Afrofuturist traditions. Through these means, I hope to continue to relate to my people among the infinite realms of possibility for our futures, in relationship with our vast histories, both on this planet and among the stars. [HS]2 first gave me the space to breathe and dream vastly beyond my life experience. I was able to deliver poetry and music at Coffee House, and I have since cultivated my art practices as pathways to my healing and outlets to share inspiration with my communities. I have immense gratitude to share with all the program staff at [HS]2, who instilled a sense of limitlessness in me over the course of those three summers I spent in the program, and I’m hyped to be returning to continue the tradition!