Tavo O’Connell

Resident Assistant and Team Sports

The University of Washington

Tavo joined CRMS as a Teaching Fellow to follow his passion for working with youth in outdoor settings and to learn more about working with high school students. During his time at The University of Washington, he volunteered as an educator for the Fiddleheads School: an outdoor preschool in the University‚Äôs Botanical Gardens. He enjoyed participating in project-based learning while he was a part of the only student-run major at The University of Washington: Community, Environment, and Urban Planning. Tavo’s focus during his undergraduate coursework was on the effects urban art projects and events have in aiding community building.

Tavo loves to be outdoors whether it be skiing, biking, backpacking, or running. He is excited to learn more about the world of education at such a unique school while enjoying the beautiful playground the Colorado wilderness has to offer.