Employment Opportunities

The High School High Scholar [HS]2 program at Colorado Rocky Mountain School (CRMS) is a three-summer scholarship program that prepares students for college, with an emphasis on courses in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and college counseling.

During five weeks each summer, [HS]2 scholars live and learn on the CRMS campus in Carbondale, Colorado. On weekdays, students attend six hours of academic classes. In the afternoons, they participate in the Active Program, which includes rock climbing, kayaking, and team sports, as well as art classes such as silversmithing, fused glass, and music. On weekends, the natural environment surrounding campus inspires exploration. This unique combination of challenging academics and outdoor activities contributes to the intellectual, social, and emotional growth of each [HS]2 scholar, while the boarding experience fosters independence and responsibility.

The 2021 [HS]2 program runs June 21 to July 24, with faculty and RA/TAs arriving on campus Wednesday, June 16, and departing between July 24-26.