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At a national level, [HS]2 outperforms along multiple dimensions.



What is the likelihood that a student will hit each milestone?


Matriculation List

Boston University

Claremont McKenna College

Colorado College

Columbia University

Dartmouth College

Duke University

Emory University

Franklin & Marshall College

Georgetown University

Grinnell College

Hamilton College

Harvard University

Harvey Mudd College

Howard University

Lehigh University

Louisiana State University

Loyola University

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Morehouse College

New York University

Pomona College

Regis University

Rice University

Southern Methodist University

Stanford University

Texas A&M

Texas Christian University

Tulane University

University of Chicago

University of Denver

University of North Texas

University of Notre Dame

University of Pennsylvania

University of Texas at Austin

Vanderbilt University

Vassar College

Washington & Lee University

Williams College

Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Yale University